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    May 19-24, 2017
    American Thoracic Society
    Annual Conference.
    Washington DC, USA.

    September 9-13, 2017
    European Respiratory Society
    Milan, Italy.

    Case study


    The business challenge

    Xention needed to quickly identify a CRO that specialised in preclinical models of cough, as it had identified an opportunity to re-indicate a 'Phase 2 ready' asset that it owned.

    What are the strengths that IR Pharma brings to the collaboration?

    Access to internationally renowned scientists who understand ion channels within the respiratory field and have developed a wide range of validated preclinical cough models that could be readily accessed.

    The collaboration going forward?

    In collaboration with IR Pharma, Xention plans to evaluate other ion channel opportunities in the respiratory therapeutic area.

    John W Ford, vice president, development, Xention, comments:

    'IR Pharma has delivered, on time and on budget, a comprehensive preclinical package that Xention has used to justify performing a clinical study in patients with chronic cough.'