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    May 19-24, 2017
    American Thoracic Society
    Annual Conference.
    Washington DC, USA.

    September 9-13, 2017
    European Respiratory Society
    Milan, Italy.

    Drug discovery plans,
    compact projects . . .

    IR Pharma aims to provide a flexible approach to commercial needs and can implement drug discovery plans ranging from large, multi-stage, comprehensive programmes through to more compact projects designed to address single aspects within the discovery pathway.

    Many factors contribute to the outstanding capability and service offered by IR Pharma that are echoed in surveys of customer satisfaction concerning outsourcing decisions. These include:

    • A multi-faceted and multi-skilled team, able to work competently across the full range of techniques and disciplines required in the provision of a comprehensive pharmacology capability;
    • access to cutting-edge scientific thinking within a world-leading research and discovery team;
    • a service attuned to industry needs through an extensive and successful background in respiratory drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry;
    • continuous refinement of existing methodology, and development of new assays and techniques that reflect current knowledge to provide high-quality evaluation studies undertaken according to best practice;
    • an extensive range of assays, models, and evaluation methodology geared to the discovery pathway that spans early stage lead compound validation through to pre-clinical trial evaluation, utilising clinical tissue samples.

    All study plans are strategically conceived with a view to follow-on steps, should this be warranted, ensuring all projects receive an element of high-level consultancy as a matter of routine.

    It is, therefore, possible to take a modular view of lead molecule evaluation with movement to each successive stage of the discovery pathway as, and when, movement to the next step becomes justified.

    Alternatively, we can design and implement a systems-based comprehensive and fully integrated pre-clinical assessment campaign, to advance lead candidates to a stage where they have been assessed using clinical-sample models prior to entering clinical trial.

    It is this unrivalled capability that ensures every study is designed to deliver optimal value.