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  • 'The collaboration offers an integrated, target-to-candidate drug discovery solution for respiratory diseases'


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    May 19-24, 2017
    American Thoracic Society
    Annual Conference.
    Washington DC, USA.

    September 9-13, 2017
    European Respiratory Society
    Milan, Italy.

    Case study


    What was the business challenge that led Evotec to approach IR Pharma?

    Evotec has a technology platform that is capable of assisting our partners in prosecuting all targets in all major therapeutic areas. However, to bring increased value, it is critical for an organisation, throughout each stage of the discovery process, to have a real understanding of the biology underpinning specific diseases. Consequently, Evotec has built such knowledge and expertise in the areas of neuroscience, pain, metabolic diseases as well as oncology and inflammation. In the important field of respiratory diseases however, Evotec was lacking in such an expertise and this provided the motivation to approach IR Pharma. The resulting collaboration now offers a fully integrated, target-to-candidate drug discovery solution for respiratory diseases.

    What are the strengths that IR Pharma brings to the collaboration?

    IR Pharma brings in vivo pharmacology tools and models to the collaboration but more crucially and as already mentioned, it brings in-depth understanding of disease biology in the field of respiratory diseases, which is the key to unlocking Evotec's drug discovery engine in this particularly demanding field.

    How does Evotec see the collaboration going forward?

    We aim to strengthen further this collaboration by increasing the number and scope of jointly prosecuted partner projects. In addition, we (Evotec and IR Pharma) are planning activities towards the identification and validation of new mechanisms and corresponding drug targets in the field of respiratory diseases.

    Dr Mario Polywka, chief operating officer at Evotec AG, comments:

    "We are looking forward to partner with IR Pharma and are excited about the potential of this alliance. IR Pharma has outstanding expertise in the respiratory disease area including disease relevant in vivo models and coupled with our world leading discovery engine and commercial reach, we are sure we can bring outstanding value to existing and future partners and collaborators in these demanding disease areas. This co-operation is a significant addition to our strategy to offer the most comprehensive drug-discovery solutions to our partners."